"Yes. Innuendo"
—Zer0 to Mad Moxxi.

Zer0 is a main character in Tales from the Borderlands and one of the protagonists in Borderlands 2.

Actor Mike Turner
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Assassin, Vault Hunter
Family Unknown
First Appearance Zer0 Sum
Status Alive
Series lifespan Zer0 Sum to present
Zer0 Gallery


Nothing is really known about Zer0, other than that they are an assassin as well as a Vault Hunter. They do not seem to be of human origin, but has plenty of characteristics that would point them out as a certain hybrid of sorts. They first came to Pandora, looking for a vault, realizing that this might be a worthy challenge.

Tales from the BorderlandsEdit

Zer0 makes an appearance in episode 1: Zer0 Sum during which they are searching for the Gortys core.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Zeke (decapitated in Backstory Echo Log)
  • Angel ( if played as him in Bl2 )
  • Handsome Jack ( if played as him in Bl2 )
  • Bossanova
  • Numerous contract killings before arriving on Pandora
  • Numerous Psychos
  • Numerous Bandits
  • Numerous Skags
  • Numerous Hyperion Personnel
  • Numerous Hyperion Robots

Weapons Edit

  • Energy sword (Unknown manufacture)
  • Sniper rifle (Unknown manufacture)


Nothing is known of Zer0's relationships. They claims that violence and fighting is everything they need.

Trivia Edit

  • They were voiced by total of 3 voice actors in the series. In Zer0 sum, he had the same voice as in Borderlands 2, In Headhunter pack for BL2, their voice was seemingly more deep, while in The vault of the traveler their voice had a more feminine sound to it.
  • If Zer0 and Athena are brought to fight The Traveler, Athena asks why they gave up on looking for the Gortys project. Zer0 answers that "their queue was full".


Borderlands 2

Tales from the Borderlands

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