Helios is a space station, or habitable artifical satellite, run by the Hyperion Corporation in orbit around Pandora's moon Elpis.


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Hyperion CorporationEdit

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Notable residentsEdit

  • {Handsome Jack} - a deceased former corporate leader and the founder of the Helios space station.
  • {Saul Henderson} - the former corporate leader of Helios. Killed by Vasquez after being thrown out an airlock into outer space.
  • {Hugo Vasquez} - an employee who turned into the next corporate leader after Henderson's death. Killed by Vallory in Old Haven after being no more use to her.
  • Rhys - an employee of the Hyperion Corporation. Currently in Pandora searching for a Vault along with Vaughn, Fiona and Sasha.
  • Vaughn - an accounter for Hyperion. Currently in Pandora searching for a Vault along with Rhys, Fiona and Sasha.
  • Yvette - an employee of the Hyperion who works in the Requisitions.


  • In Greek mythology, Helios was a titan personified as the sun. He was also the son of the Titan Hyperion and Titaness Theia.

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