Bewm is a character in Tales from the Borderlands and an antagonist in Borderlands 2.

Bewm ZS
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation First Mate
Family Boom - Brother
First Appearance Zer0 Sum
Last Appearance Zer0 Sum
Death Borderlands 2
Cause of Death Killed by vault hunters.
Status Dead
Series lifespan Zer0 Sum
Ethnicity Caucasian
Bewm Gallery

Character Edit

Bewm was shown to be very loyal to Captain Flynt in Borderlands 2, as he and his brother tried to defend the vault hunters off.

Tales from the Borderlands Edit

"Zer0 Sum"Edit

Bewm appears very briefly when Rhys and Vaughn walk through Shade's World of Curiosities.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous Pandorians

Relationships Edit


Appearances Edit

Tales from the Borderlands

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