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The Atlas Corporation (commonly known as Atlas) is a company, that was one of the oldest that have been on Pandora. Today, it´s controlled by Rhys.

History Edit

The Atlas Corporation is one of Pandoras oldest companies, that had control over the planet for a long time. The company had it's own military forces named the Crimson Lance. During the events of the Borderlands, an Atlas Officer named Commandant Steele was looking for a Vault, in order to loot it for Atlas. After they failed to loot it and Steele was killed, Atlas sent the leader of the Crimson Lance, General Knoxx to reclaim Atlas position on Pandora. But he was killed by Vault Hunters. After that, all Crimson Lance soldiers left to become bandits or join Roland and the Crimson Raiders. Only a few squads of soldiers stayed in the Crimson Lance, who were still under the command of General Pollux, an Atlas General. All employee's and the remaining Crimson Lance soldiers that was left on Pandora was murdered by Athena when she was avenging her sister's death (after Atlas tricked Athena into killing her), except for Cassius Leclemaine, an Atlas scientist who survived by going into hiding.

Shortly after that, Handsome Jack and the Hyperion Corporation forced the Atlas Corporation to declare bankruptcy and all the rights was claimed by Handsome Jack. After that, Atlas was out of business.

In Tales from the Borderlands, Rhys, Fiona, Sasha, Vaughn and Loader Bot discovred the top secret Gortys Project, a project intended to help Atlas find a Vault, in order to beat Hyperion. The project was never used, due to Athena's murdering of every Atlas employee. It's later revealed that the Gortys Project is a robot, that was created not only to find a Vault, but to also deal with the Vault Monster that was guarding it.

When the A.I of Handsome Jack was defeated by Rhys, shortly after crashing Helios into Pandora, he grabbed the rights to Atlas from Jack's office and figured that he could rebuild Atlas from scratch. He went back to the Atlas Bio Dome facility and began to build prototypes for his new company. After the Traveler was defeated, Cassius heard that Rhys was in charge of Atlas and wanted to help him with the rebuildment. According to Rhys, Atlas will be diffrent than it was before.

Employees Edit

Current Edit

Former Edit

  • Admiral Mikey - Military Admiral (deceased)
  • General Pollux - Military General (deceased)
  • General Knoxx - Military General of the Crimson Lance (deceased)
  • Athena - Crimson Lance Assassin
  • Roland - Crimson Lance Soldier (deceased)
  • Commandant Steele - Military Officer of the Crimson Lance (deceased)
  • Numerous other employees (deceased)
  • Numerous counts of Crimson Lance soldiers (deceased/retired)

Triva Edit

  • In Greek mythology, Atlas is a Titan that was punished by the Olympian gods to hold up earth´s heavens after he failed to conqueror Mount Olympus. One of Atlas daugther´s was named Calypso, that became Odysseus lover after he landed on her island´s shore.

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