"Oh. Uhh... yeah, that´s... my Angel. Don´t usually like people knowin about her, but... you and me are pretty tight. Once we´re done with all this Vault hunting stuff, I´d like to check up on her, if that´s cool."
—Handsome Jack to Rhys while he is looking at a picture of Angel
Angel is a character mentioned in Tales from the Borderlands and a main character in Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

Character Edit

Angel is a siren and Handsome Jack´s own daughter. It´s revealed that she killed her own mother when she couldn´t control her powers. She was used by Jack to charge up a Vault key to the Vault of the Warrior, by being pumped full of Eridium. When the Crimson Raiders was looking for the key, Angel revealed herself to have being working for Handsome Jack the whole time, but in the end she decided that the Crimson Raiders should kill her to get the Vault key. They destroyed the Eridium injectors that was keeping her alive. Before she died she called her father an asshole. After she was killed, Handsome Jack became furious and desperate for revenge, so he murdered Roland and kidnapped Lilith to charge the Vault key. In Borderlands2 she Dies because eridium keeps her alive and the machine that keeps her alive gets destroyed.

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